Advertiser Pricing $500 Escrow - 5% Network Fee - No Additional Fee
Advertiser Payout - Publisher Payout - Network Fee

If the Publisher sale is $100 and your commission is 5%, the payout to the Publisher is $5, your network fee to would be $.25. Therefore, the total amount payable to would be $5.25

Our Cost 75% Below the Industry Standard Network Fee

No Minimum Contract Required

What's Included

What’s Included?

By partnering with, you'll have the opportunity to expand your affiliate distribution without increasing your bandwidth. Through the interface, you will be able to manage publishers, promote various products and services, upload content formats, and view performance reports for your campaigns. Read more...

Our Publishers

The network consists of publishers that vary across a wide range of promotional methods including, but not limited to original content, coupon/deal, loyalty, email, product review, comparison shopping, search, and social media. maintains a strict approval process to ensure that your brand is represented by the best.

Paying Publishers reduces the time it will take our advertisers to manage complex global payment processes.We cover payment processing, payee payment method, currency selection, tax and regulatory compliance, payment reconciliation, reporting, and more. We collect all needed tax forms from each publisher, verify no payments are made to blacklisted entities, and block fraudulent Publishers.

Advertiser Services

As a Advertiser, you will have access to various technically advanced solutions that will allow you to further promote your brand name, product, or service through our network of online Publishers. Through the interface, you will be able to manage Publishers, promote various products or services, upload content formats, and view performance reports for your campaigns. Read more...

Content Management

We have a multitude of team players, who can assist you with any design or editorial content you may require for creating and launching your marketing campaigns. All you need is a website and a service or product to promote through your website. If you require additional setup assistance, our team is available to help. See our team...

Reporting provides real-time traffic tracking information. We report all sales or lead transactions by visitors referred to your website that results in a sale of a product or service. Our accessible, easy-to-use management interface makes it simple to track your sales, monitor Publisher activity and determine the success of each campaign and marketing tool.
See platform...

Publisher Recruiting

We recruit new Publishers and optimize existing Publisher relationships daily joint venture opportunities and strategic relationships subject to Advertiser approval. A strict pre-screening and approval process ensures your brand is represented by the best Publishers online.

Compliance Monitoring

24/7 professional quality monitoring by our industry-leading compliance team with over 50 years of combined experience, as well as our 3rd party monitoring partners. Our #1 priority is to protect your brand and intellectual property of our advertisers. We constantly monitor our Publisher to identify areas of improvement, and recommend ways to increase affiliate-generated revenues.

Communications has built great relationships with top Publishers in the industry, over years of hard work, dedication and results. We can facilitate and negotiate better integration with all publishers’ marketing initiatives plus additional exposure and exclusive placements throughout their sites. We monitor affiliate activity, analyze performance, identify areas of improvement, and recommend ways to increase affiliate-generated revenues.

Marketing Content

We give you the freedom and flexibility to create marketing campaigns to match your business marketing strategies. At FlexOffers, every creative you upload can be assign to specific marketing campaigns (i.e. 4th of July, Back to School, Black Friday, Christmas, etc.).


With 10+ years of experience in the affiliate marketing industry, has built a solid foundation and the know-how to build mutually profitable relationships between our advertisers and Publishers. was recently ranked as the #8 top CPS affiliate network worldwide by affiliates, advertisers, agencies, and experts through the Revenue Performance BLUE BOOK survey. Read article...


A myriad of placement opportunities are available throughout our Publisher interface and communication outlets including our affiliate blog, merchant-dedicated newsletters, and weekly Top Deals newsletters. Placement packages are available year-round. See sponsorship...

Program Management knows affiliate programs and offers flexible, full-service affiliate marketing management solutions. No two affiliate programs are treated exactly alike. Each is constructed, managed, and grown with a unique focus designed specifically around its unique needs.

A Wide Variety of Affiliate Programs to Promote!

Choose from a huge selection of affiliate programs, both large and small, in industries such as finance, travel, entertainment, shopping, and much more!