At, we believe in the providing up-to-date technology to our Advertisers while continuously improving our platform. Here are some of the services currently available to advertisers of, all of which will deliver the campaigns of each account, but through different formats.

Advertising is Easy with

Our in house software solution frequently updated by advertiser requests, we customize as your needs grow.


We work with publishers and advertisers for optimal exposure, in the network.

Program Optimization

Real time tracking of sales, clicks, impression data, and conversions, to help make informative decisions.


Access to Top Online Publishers

Our Publishers offer you years of expertise and experience in the a affiliate marketing industry.

Through our new Advertiser interface, you can manage Publishers in full detail, promote various programs, products, and services with innovative marketing content, and view performance reports for your campaigns in real-time.

Advertiser Features

Real Time Tracking

Seeing all transactions in real-time provides direct insight into how your campaigns are performing. It allows you to adjust your marketing strategies and make decisions on the fly.

Advertiser Screenshots

Through the interface, you will be able to manage Publishers, promote various and products and services, upload content formats, and view performance reports for your campaigns.

You can see all your transactions in real-time, giving you accurate insight into how your campaigns are performing. To do so in the Advertiser interface, select Reports > Click Reports > Click Summary from the drop-down menu, then select the date range of your choice. The Click Report is updated frequently and shows all activity.

Real-Time Campaign Tracking

Sales Summary

FlexOffers Sales Summary report allows you to view the performance for each publisher currently participating in your program. The report includes Publisher ID and Name, Impressions, Clicks, Click-Thru Rate, Sales, Conversion Rate, Sales Amount and Commissions Earned. The report is based on transaction dates from the date range selected.


Creatives are the files you upload to to generate ads. The Creatives tab lists all the creatives associated with your account and any particular campaigns or promotional events, and includes their status, type, size, and last modified date.

Traffic reports

The Traffic Report offers a real-time snapshot of the leads that Publishers have sent based on the selected date range. It allows Advertisers to adjust their marketing strategies and make other decisions accordingly. Traffic Reports include the Click ID, Click Time and Date, Referring Domain, Campaign Name, Category, and Referring IP Address.


Though you will be assigned a dedicated manager, a FlexOffers support specialist is always one click, email or

phone call away. A ticket system is in place in the event that you require immediate service during non-regular working hours. The ticket system is also an option if you simply prefer to use the online support system to further detail any issues or help that you may require. The ticket system assures that no open tickets go unnoticed by any department.

A Wide Variety of Affiliate Programs to Promote!

Choose from a huge selection of affiliate programs, both large and small, in industries such as finance, travel, entertainment, shopping, and much more!