Introducing FlexFeeds - The Ultimate Product Management Solution

Thanks to the addition of FlexFeeds,'s new and unique content management solution, we are now able to offer our publishers millions of banners and text links to promote! FlexFeeds uploads and maintains tens of thousands of new promotions daily to ensure that you are always provided with the most up-to-date offers.

  • Latest banners, text links, and products, uploaded daily
  • Full compliance maintained with regularly updated promotions
  • Seasonal and limited-time promotions launched as soon as they become available from the advertiser
  • Content organized so that you have no problem finding what you need

Thousands of Advertisements

Now, publishers have access to the largest number of banners and text links ever available in our network.
As a publisher within our network, you can choose from millions of products to promote , from a huge selection of advertisers.

We have also added new features to FlexSearch-Enhanced to help our publishers navigate through the unbelievable number of products that are now available in the interface. These upgrades will allow you to easily search for and find the products you want to promote.

Whole-Word Search

Now you can search for products, banners and text links using whole-words, without leaving the default search area.

Product Export Feed

Export product information, such as product name, expiration date, payout, marketing content and more using the CVS feed.

"New" Product Label

Instantly identify products that were added within the last three days with the "New" icon.

Date Product Was Added

View the date that each text link, banner and product was added to the interface in the Get Links section.

Date Range Search

Searching by date range allows you to find products based on the dates they were added to the network.

Link Details Box

Read, cut and paste link code more easily from the enlarged Link Details code box.

Program Details

View program information, including payout and Terms & Conditions, from your search results.

A Wide Variety of Affiliate Programs to Promote!

Choose from a huge selection of affiliate programs, both large and small, in industries such as finance, travel, entertainment, shopping, and much more!