FlexOffers' real time reporting

Our advertiser reporting tools give advertisers the flexibility to tweak their marketing strategy and make a variety of timely adjustments to their marketing campaigns to boost their ROAS (return on advertising spend) in real time.

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Key Performance Reports

Our advertiser reporting tools feature performance reports that measure the success of your publishers, campaigns, products, and promotions by key performance metrics over a specified time frame. They report on data related to how your program is performing, and details revenue and traffic for each of your publisher websites.

Advertiser Pro Platform

Advertiser Pro Platform

Experience our brand new advertiser interface with enhanced overall visuals.
Our accessible, easy-to-use advertiser reporting tools make it simple to track your sales, monitor publisher activity, and determine the success of each product, campaign, and marketing tool.
Monitor Transactions

Monitor Transactions

Receive complete analysis of your publishers' activity and revenue.
Utilize FlexOffers’ real-time tracking of sales, clicks, impression data, and conversions, to monitor transactions as they happen and gather accurate insight into how your campaigns are performing.
Detailed Reports

Detailed Reports

Gain quick access to key performance metrics.

Our advertiser reporting tools include detailed reports that record each click and conversion mere seconds after it occurs. Select a range of dates, and we can generate a report that provides you with a snapshot of all leads and conversions referred by publishers.

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