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Brand Ambassador App Affiliate Program

The Brand Ambassador App affiliate program grants your audience the ability to access, where they can turn their business’s customers, fans, and influencers into brand ambassadors. Influencer marketing can be extremely effective in today’s social media culture, and business owners of all kinds are making it a vital part of their online marketing strategy.

This program is geared towards business owners looking to take their sales to the next level with the help of brand ambassador social media promotion.

Brand Ambassador App Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Sign Ups – Earn a commission for each sign-up, that results in a month of service, driven from your site to
Choose Your Format – Whether you want to use a text link, mention in your vlog, podcast or promote via social media, you have the freedom to choose a promo that fits your brand here
Small Influence, Big Loyalty – Smaller influencers and advocates help your audience reach new customers and turn them into loyal customers

How Do You Benefit From This?
Social media is a key component of any effective marketing strategy, and the Brand Ambassador App is built to help your audience source, curate and showcase content from their loyal customers. Paid influencers with massive followings aren’t loyal to a brand, and their audience knows it. The influencers and advocates that mention a brand multiple times (because they love it) are what turn new customers into returning customers, and those are the ones available to your patrons through the Brand Ambassador App. If you want to help your readers up their marketing game, this is the affiliate program for you.

Gaming Guru
It’s key to keep advocates engaged, and Brand Ambassador App solves this by using gamification. The more influencers and advocates share news, updates, deals and other content, the more rewards they receive.

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