The BrickHouse Electronics LLC affiliate program allows your audience members to shop for their security, safety, protection, covert surveillance, and counter-surveillance needs. Their marketable monitoring products are great for consumers who want to keep an eye on their loved ones, personal belongings, and businesses while they’re away elsewhere.

This affiliate program is best marketed to cautious consumers who want the peace of mind that their place of residence or business is not being violated by untrustworthy actions.

BrickHouse Electronics LLC Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Cameras – Earn commissions when a customer completes a purchase within the shopping cart at
Engaging Banner Creative – Showcasing professional-grade electronic surveillance items
Teen Patrol – Devices available to monitor family members’ smartphone and computer usage

How Can This Benefit You?
As much as we’d like to think people can be unconditionally trusted, the sad truth is that’s not the case. With the BrickHouse Electronics LLC affiliate program, your web traffic can watch over what they care about the most with sophisticated state-of-the-art cameras, alarm systems, and GPS tracking devices that can give them critical information to deter future dangers. The very known presence of a monitoring product may be enough to keep criminals at bay, so start promoting them on your site today!

Essential Office Security
Small businesses and multinational corporations alike should know that keeping an eye on their employees can improve performance and prevent product shrinkage. BrickHouse Electronics LLC has a full suite of devices for office managers to professionally monitor their employees while on the clock.

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