Essential Survival Plus Affiliate Program

The Essential Survival Plus affiliate program connects your web traffic to, the one-stop shop for survivalists needs. Whether your audience is preparing for a natural disaster or an apocalyptic event, Essential Survival Plus offers shoppers options such as safes, survival food, coolers, generators, water purifiers, weaponry etc., to help them become self-sufficient in the midst of a catastrophe.

This program could be offered to individuals actively preparing to endure emergencies as wide-ranging as social/ political unrest, to ecological disaster.

Essential Survival Plus Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Survival Kits – Earn commission per sale at
Gather Survival Needs Here – Essential Survival Plus utilizes large banners that encourage survivalist to visit the one-stop shop for all survival needs
Don’t Forget the Pets – Essential Survival Plus offers dog and cat emergency survival food that allows customers to continue feeding their precious pets in the throes of adverse circumstances

How Can You Benefit From This?
A study by Yahoo Finance in 2017 revealed that 3.7 million American classified themselves as preppers or survivalists and as a result, survivalism has become a multi-billion-dollar industry. gives your audience access to products that quell cataclysmic concerns of the survivalists within. From personal-care products such as the “Shower in a Bag,” to shelter, sleeping, battery and solar-power options – Essential Survival Plus has thought of all the requisite items to ameliorate consequences felt by most calamitous events.

Beans Beans Beans
Essential Survival Plus Customers can choose from 36 types of beans including organic options and have them shipped to their home at the click of a button. Each order contains whopping 20 pounds of beans.

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