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iSmartSafe | Security Systems Affiliate Program

The iSmartSafe affiliate program provides you the best home security solutions sold through iSmartSafe.com. These home security systems can be monitored and controlled remotely via the smartphone app, require no wiring, and can easily be expanded to fit a domicile or office of any size. Also, the home security system itself has double protection with Cellular and WiFi connection. So the system can work perfectly fine even though the power is cut or WiFi connection was lost.

This program is best suited to consumers concerned about the safety of their family and possessions while they’re away from home.

iSmartSafe Affiliate Program Benefits:
• Commissionable Home Security Systems – Commissions are earned on purchases made via iSmartSafe.com
• Banner and link Creative – Promoting their sleek home security devices at enticing values
• Superior Savings – No installation fees, monthly fees, or contracts

How can our end users benefit from this?
There is no need for our end users to have the walls of their apartments or homes torn apart solely to install a home security system. With the products sold from the iSmartSafe affiliate program, consumers can quickly and easily setup sensors on their doors and windows, as well as motion sensors and cameras with a visibility range of 360°. Alerts are sent in real time to the users through the free app. So they can manage and monitor the safety of their loved ones anywhere in the world.

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