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The Lambs Underwear affiliate program directs your audience to GetLambs.com, the developers of radiation-proof underwear that effectively blocks cell phone, laptop, and Wi-Fi signals. Lambs Underwear’s WaveStopper fabric has undergone stringent testing by leading international laboratories. Through studies conducted by MET Labs and EMITECH scientists concluded that Lambs Underwear successfully protects your patrons from 99% of radiation, instantly reducing their exposure to harmful frequencies.

This program could be marketed to men in search of stylish underwear that allows them to freely use their tech devices while maintaining their fertility and overall health.

Lambs Underwear Affiliate Program Benefits:
• Commissionable Underwear – Earn commission per sales at GetLambs.com
• 30-day Trial – First-time customers can keep their Lambs Underwear purchase and get a full refund within their 30-day trial window
Spread the Word – Lambs Underwear has been lauded by popular publications such ass Forbes, GQ, Men’sHealth, and more

How Do You Benefit From This?
Men exposed to cell phone and other forms of technological radiation may very well be subject to a reduction in their sperm count and an increased risk of developing a glandular tumor. Thankfully Lambs Underwear WaveStopper fabric possesses silver-lined materials derived from the same technology as NASA space suits to deliver 360-degree protection from radiation. If your patrons are looking to expand their family, they’ll be pleased to know that Lambs Underwear significantly enhances fertility by reflecting electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) outside its protective shielding. Additionally, Lambs Underwear’s sleek design features XSoft Cotton and Silver Flex components that repel odor and keeps its consumers fresh until the end of the day.

Become a Member!
By promoting the Lambs Underwear affiliate program on your landing page, your readers will be afforded the opportunity to sign up for a Lambs Underwear subscription. Post registration, members can acquire one pair of Lambs Underwear for $29 instead of $45. Subscribers will also be given the latitude to cancel their order without penalty at any time.

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