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Open Blue Insurance Affiliate Program

The Open Blue Insurance affiliate program directs your visitors to, where small employers can purchase affordable insurance packages to protect their business. Offering coverage for workplace accidents, stolen financial data, property theft, and customer injuries, Open Blue Insurance provides a bevy of options for smaller professional entities.

This program is aimed at small business owners interested in limiting their liability and implementing critical safeguards to defend their assets.

Open Blue Insurance Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Security – Earn commissions on all sales including increases for high-volume purchases
Economical ads – Promotional links emphasize the company’s discount rates to help entice smaller companies into purchasing the coverage
Peace of mind – Predicting the future is nearly impossible, but Open Blue Insurance ensures possible risks are kept to a minimal amount

How Can You Benefit From This?
In today’s lawsuit-heavy world, ensuring a company has all its legal obligations covered is nearly as vital as its profitability. No valid corporation can properly operate without insurance protection and Open Blue Insurance’s wide range of plans – from General Liability to Umbrella Policies – guarantee even small businesses have the comfort and security they need to run day-to-day operations. Not every company will need all policies, but a myriad of plans enables them options to purchase what’s best for them.

Savings Ratio
While every operation will have diverse types of policy needs due to the kind and size of the establishment, Open Blue Insurance offers affordable plans to ensure all smaller-sized companies can have their legal responsibility needs met. Open Blue Insurance provides $1 million coverage plans at reasonable premiums for General Liability and Professional Liability coverage for some of the most inexpensive prices on the market.

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