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Smartfares.com APAC Affiliate Program

The Smartfares.com APAC affiliate program directs your users to SmartFares.com, where they can book flights to any number of destinations around the world for significantly lower rates than competitor sites. They negotiate affordable fares with dozens of airlines and ticket wholesalers, thereby ensuring that the price customers see on their site is the lowest around.

This affiliate program is best intended for money-conscious travelers who wish to explore the world without the restrictions of budget limitations.

Smartfares.com APAC Affiliate Program Benefits:
Cosmopolitan Commissions – Earn commissions when a customer completes an air, car, or insurance reservation at SmartFares.com
Colorful Creative – Highlighting seasonal promotions with even more savings
Cruisin’ Around – Customers can also book cruise reservations through this multifaceted site

How Can This Benefit You?
When you promote the Smartfares.com APAC affiliate program on your site, you’ll be helping your audience members plan the perfect vacation thanks to their incredibly low rates. They’ve formed strong relationships with airlines across the globe, so flying from Toronto to Timbuktu will be easy as pie for prospective travelers. What’s more, SmartFares APAC features specials for particular occasions, such as weekend getaways or senior travel, which offer even further discounts.

Appealing Accommodations
Booking a flight is only half the battle; unless staying with a friend or relative, voyagers will need to reserve a hotel stay. The Smartfares.com APAC affiliate program also takes care of that, presenting a vast range of resort options worldwide – all at discounted rates, of course.

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