The Teeki affiliate program drives your page traffic to, where they can obtain stylish fashions created from recycled plastic bottles. Made using sustainable practices, Teeki converts plastic containers into fibers that are drawn, stretched, and transformed into comfortable, vibrantly patterned hot pants, bell bottoms, and more.

This program is optimally marketed to free-spirited consumers who want to look trendy while making purchases that are conscious of the world around them.

Teeki Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Visions – Earn commissions on purchases made via
Colorful Banner Creative – Showcasing the bold prints of their signature products
A League of Their Own – Great clothing options for yoga, working out, surfing, dancing, and generally going with the flow

How Can You Benefit From This?
While it may sound like a wildly outrageous concept, your audience members are likely to be raving about the actual clothing they procure through the Teeki affiliate program rather than the novel way in which they were made. What’s not novel about this retailer are the patterns that are printed on their popular offerings, from serene sunsets to the infinite universe itself. Their storefront also sells articles of clothing for men, so everyone can experience the sensation of sustainable fashion for themselves.

Top Prospect
Alongside their incredible selection of stretchy bottoms, also sells a few tops that are ideal for use during athletic activities. Since they effortlessly contour with the body itself, they’re great to use while making fluid movements.

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