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The SpyAppMobile.com Affiliate Program

The SpyAppMobile.com affiliate program grants parents and business professionals monitoring solutions through its Spy App, which provides insulation from tablet and cell phone misuse and deviant online activity. With SpyAppMobile.com, your page viewers can track GPS location, monitor conversations, record live calls and more.

This program could be marketed to parents and business owners in search of monitoring systems for mobile phones and tablets in an effort to keep their children and/or chosen vocation secure.

SpyAppMobile.com Program Benefits:
Commissionable Security – Earn commission per sale at SpyAppMobile.com
Word of Mouth – Website features testimonials from parents and business owners lauding SpyAppMobile.com for its functionality and customer service
Trial Period – Before committing to purchase, any one of Spy App’s monitoring solutions, SpyAppMobile.com offers prospective buyers a two-day trial

How Do You Benefit From This?
Children are precious, and for some proprietors, their profession is every bit as important. Thankfully SpyAppMobile.com offers solutions that eliminate the prospect of their kids and/or employees from encountering poor online behavior or inappropriate sites. The Spy App is simple to install as its user-friendly interface can be downloaded onto a phone or tablet in a matter of seconds and is completely invisible to the end user. Through SpyAppMobile’s numerous settings, parents can remotely turn on their child’s microphone on their phone and turn on their child’s camera to get a better look at their environment. Business professionals can also keep track of vehicles through its GPS feature which updates in real-time to maintain punctuality of scheduled deliveries.

Share Monitored Data
While collecting data from mobile devices is critical to protecting children and continued productivity in the workplace, SpyAppMobile.com’s “Export” feature enables registered users to share their findings with their partners and colleagues. The ability to quickly export, and share texts/call logs, images, and recorded audio facilitates swift elimination of social and online improprieties.

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