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Wavecell | SMS Service Solution Affiliate Program

The Wavecell | SMS Service Solution affiliate program directs your web traffic to wavecell.com, where they are encouraged to purchase one of Asia’s leading cloud communications platforms that offers chat, media, and voice solutions for businesses. The company’s primary solution is SMS API campaign management for global messaging that has been refined to increase customer engagement across a variety of digital mediums.

This program appeals to business owners looking for a progressive way to communicate with their clients.

Wavecell | SMS Service Solution Affiliate Program Benefits:
• Cloudy with A Chance of Commission – Earn commissions on sales made at wavecell.com
Head in the Clouds – Promotional materials feature users visibly enjoying the Wavecell cloud communication platform
• Three’s a Cloud – Customer success stories are published at wavecell.com to assure site viewers of product proficiency

How Do You Benefit From This?
There is no doubt your interested audience members will eagerly peruse the wavecell.com blog to educate themselves on the company’s network systems. Additionally, the brand aims to instill confidence in their customers by providing them with resources that detail system integration steps for all Wavecell platforms. For those that need extra guidance, Wavecell offers users 24/7 global support ideal for product purchase, installation, and SMS upgrade assistance.

Test a Text
Potential patrons can utilize Wavecell’s SMS Pricing feature that allows them to search by country and view the estimated cost per message. Plus, if they aren’t yet ready to buy the SMS campaign manager, they can sign up for the brand’s SMS free trial directly at wavecell.com.

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