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Pet parents are constantly seeking products that will improve their pet’s health and help them lead a healthy lifestyle. Whether it is wholesome foods, tasty treats, or reliable veterinary services, our team has compiled a list of the best affiliate programs for your pets. By joining these programs, you will connect pet parents with reputable brands in the market while promoting high-paying pet affiliate programs.

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PETCO logo


Explore the Petco Animal Supplies affiliate program, an opportunity for publishers to promote pet care products and services. PETCO is a leading pet specialty retailer that focuses on nurturing powerful relationships between people and pets. Earn 1.6% of sales.

Rover main logo

Rover Pet Sitters

Discover the Rover Pet Sitters affiliate program, offering opportunities for publishers to promote trusted pet care services. Rover is one of the nation’s largest networks of pet sitters and dog walkers, connecting pet parents with sitters who will treat their pets like family. Earn 8% of sales.

Bark US affiliate program

Bark US

Join the Bark US affiliate program via and be part of revolutionizing the way people find local services. Earn commissions by referring customers to Bark, the leading platform connecting consumers with service professionals. Earn between $0.80 - $48 per sale.

The Vets square logo

The Vets

Explore The Vets affiliate program via, offering opportunities for publishers to promote trusted veterinary services. The Vets is a mobile veterinary platform that allows customers to search for veterinary professionals and schedule at-home sick visits, wellness exams, and other services. Earn $40 per sale.

Pretty Litter logo

Pretty Litter

Discover the Pretty Litter affiliate program via, an opportunity for publishers to promote innovative cat litter solutions. Pretty Litter is a monthly delivery service for hassle-free, health monitoring, odor control cat litter with free shipping. Earn 10% of sales.

Ollie Pets Inc.

Ollie Pets

Discover the Ollie Pets Inc. affiliate program via and join a community passionate about pet wellness. Earn commissions by referring customers to Ollie, a trusted provider of nutritious and personalized dog food. Earn $48 per sale.

Embark Vet square logo

Embark Vet

Discover the Embark Vet affiliate program via, your gateway to promoting cutting-edge canine DNA testing services. Earn commissions while helping pet owners uncover valuable insights about their furry companions. Earn 8% of sales.

PetSmart red logo


Discover the PetSmart affiliate program via, an exciting opportunity for publishers to partner with a leading pet retailer. By partnering with PetSmart, your web traffic will connect with one of the largest specialty pet retailers in the nation. Earn 8% of sales.

Just Food for Dogs square logo

Just Food For Dogs

Discover the Just Food For Dogs affiliate program, an exciting opportunity for publishers to promote nutritious meals for canine companions. Just Food For Dogs is one of the world’s first dog kitchens serving up balanced, whole-food meals with non-commercial ingredients for a healthy diet to increase life expectancy for as many dogs as possible. Earn $24 per sale.

Payout amounts are subject to change based on publisher terms.