Ask any millennial and they’ll likely tell you they’ve been to more baby showers lately than concerts or trips abroad. As their friends and family members are settling down, shopping for the right baby shower gift is going to be more of a concern than ever before.

Luckily, has curated some of the best baby shower gifts from Target, Kohl’s, & Sam’s Club currently available to promote on your site below. Take a look at a few of the adorable products they’ve got in store!



Boy’s Burt’s Bees Diaper Cake

Charming and practical, the Boy’s Burt’s Bees Diaper Cake from Sam’s Club is a baby shower gift that expecting parents will very much appreciate. Topped with useful items including Burt’s Baby Bees Tear Free Shampoo and Wash and Burt’s Baby Bees Buttermilk Lotion, there won’t be any leftovers to worry about a week later.


NUK Smoothie & Baby Food Maker

New parents concerned about the quality of the food their baby is eating will certainly be putting the NUK Smoothie & Baby Food Maker to use multiple times a day. The blender bowls and sippy cups that are packed in with the powerful appliance make whipping up fresh fruits and veggies a breeze, without the additives and preservatives found in some canned products.


Infantino Grow-With-Me Activity Gym & Ball Pit 

Versatility is the biggest selling point when it comes to the Infantino Grow-With-Me Activity Gym & Ball Pit from The portable activity center converts from a simple play mat to an overhead discovery center to a ball pit, ensuring hours of infant-friendly fun.


Sophie la Girafe Teether

Teething is a stressful time for little ones, as well as their parents struggling to offer their infants some relief. Bringing the adorable Sophie la Girafe Teether to an upcoming baby shower will show the recipients that you have their patience in mind.


Skip Hop Grand Central Take-It-All Diaper Bag Black & White Stripe

Touting itself as “the only diaper bag you’ll ever need,” the Skip Hop Grand Central Take-It-All Diaper Bag in Black & White Stripe is stylish and capable of containing everything a new parent needs while out and about. With over a dozen pockets to keep everything in place, grabbing that extra diaper or pacifier at a moment’s notice is incredibly easy.


Chicco Bravo Travel System

Sold in a variety of colors, the Chicco Bravo Travel System boasts a reclining stroller seat with ample storage, and it accepts infant car seats without an adapter.  An included rear organizer for parents securely holds your smartphone and coffee when going for a stroll around the block.


NUK 6-pc. Orthodontic Gift Set

This NUK 6-pc. Orthodontic Gift Set sold at is an incredible value for a mere $20. Comes with three bottles, two pacifiers, and a pacifier clip for keeping their binky from getting dirty should it fall out of their mouth.


Bath Time Baby Deluxe Gift Tub

With a wash tub, Johnson & Johnson Tearless Baby Shampoo, and cozy bath accessories galore, the Bath Time Baby Deluxe Gift Tub from Sam’s Club is a prime gift option for baby showers. It’s so cute!!!


Fisher Price Jumperoo, Pink Petals

Energetic infants will love working off excess energy in the Fisher Price Jumperoo with Pink Petals. Music, lights, sounds, and a 360° spinning seat will grant hours of stimulation, and its easy-fold frame makes storage a snap.


Summer Infant Health & Grooming Kit 

Parents will be prepared to keep their kids neat and clean with the Summer Infant Health & Grooming Kit stocked at For a mere $14.99, the set comes with a nail clipper, a brush, digital thermometer, medicine syringe, and other essentials.



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