So you’ve built up your website to a level that you can finally be proud of, filled it with original content, and strategically placed banners on your landing page from the top advertisers in your particular niche but have seen little to no movement in your click through rate.

If your audience is clicking past your site or paying no mind to the hard work and banners laid out before them, give them a reason to both stay and come back on their own by actually engaging them- a simple but often overlooked aspect of affiliate marketing.





Mirrors and Windows
By mirroring exactly what you believe your audience wants, you will be limiting your engagement to only include what’s relevant at the moment. If affiliate program A is running a promotion and you wallpaper your landing page with banners hoping for the best, you certainly might be able to get some of your web traffic to click on them.

However, if you swap over banners blindly for affiliate program B’s newest promotion without taking into account your audience’s reaction, your website’s engagement ability is strictly limited to the images displayed before them – like a parakeet staring into a mirror.

If, on the other hand, you take a few minutes each day to actually respond to the comments your web traffic leaves on your posts, you can achieve a synergy with greater potential results. By doing so, your audience’s computer monitor becomes a window where they are able to interact and engage with you in your world while you can learn exactly what they want.

The time your audience spends on your site is then elevated to a worthwhile experience which can can encourage exploration on their own, so no matter what you may be initially promoting at the moment you will have a better opportunity to engage them over the long run for even more chances at success.

Transparency is Key
Your site can either serve as a chaotic mess of cantankerous individuals speed clicking past your pages looking for shiny objects, or a meeting ground where you and your audience can engage each other through regular interaction in order to find a means to achieve both of your goals.

This transparency is the key to creating a series of relationships through which your audience will be more susceptible to your suggestions in the future. You might just be pleasantly surprised what you can achieve as an affiliate marketer when you don’t just give people what you think they want, but actually take the time to learn what works best for everyone.

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