As the year begins to wind down, there is a never-ending array of social events that your site visitors will attend requiring panache that is simultaneously formal and casual: family dinners, company parties, and the like. A beacon of American style for over 150 years, Johnston & Murphy can serve as the only source of outerwear your patrons will need this season, particularly during the ongoing Find Your Fall savings event which runs through 9.30.14.

Rather than having people rummage through closets for older tops they hope others have long forgotten, consider instead promoting the Johnston & Murphy affiliate program on your landing page; you too might be pleasantly pleased with what they have in store. affiliate marketing sales promotional discount banner

Dapper Threads
Though rooted in expert English shoemaking, Johnston & Murphy has since far expanded their inventory to include other accessories and articles of clothing.

During the Johnston & Murphy Find Your Fall event, customers can get up to 50% off select men’s vests, blazers, and jackets. This is a coup for the uncouth, as this virtual storefront stocks a few well-tailored blazers that are more than capable of elevating even the simple combination of a button-up shirt and pressed jeans into a memorable ensemble. An understated vest can also make a striking impression on others, especially as they’re not as commonplace clothing choices as they once were.

In addition to the aforementioned products sold for men, Johnston & Murphy also makes available the timeless formal footwear they’ve always been known for. Paired with twill dress pants and a striking leather belt, a pair of Oxfords can really set off a look. affiliate marketing sales promotional discount banner blog

Swathes of Color
Women who want to draw attention to their outfit without going overboard on gaudy jewelry or fragile accessories can do so at There, they can take advantage of other savings opportunities during the Find Your Fall event, including up to 50% off select women’s scarves. There are literally dozens of ways to tie a scarf, making these some of the most versatile items one could browse and buy from this site.

If it’s too cold outside for one to keep warm using just a scarf, why not try a chic ruana from Johnston & Murphy? A poncho-style garment, they come in varying colors and patterns that can expertly accentuate solid items worn just as well as a scarf can. Anyone seeking more traditional fare can also find fine quilted jackets and a few faux-fur coats via Johnston & Murphy. affiliate marketing sales promotional discount banner blog

There are but a few clothing designers around who still champion classic workmanship and American style, this label being among the elite. Johnston & Murphy’s Find Your Fall sale is an excellent opportunity to introduce this brand to your loyal readers and give your site a new sense of style. These deals will only last until 9.30.14, so act today!