Tile is the convenient Bluetooth tracking device that will provide your readers and everyone on their holiday shopping list with peace of mind. When attached to your things, Tile uses an intuitive smartphone app to make locating them a breeze, saving everyone considerable time.

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The compact Tile Mate is durable enough to attach to your keyring, yet doesn’t feel like a cumbersome inconvenience. The truth is quite the opposite, in fact, as the free app helps users find the items they deem important with an audible ring and GPS tracking.

Conversely, clicking on a Tile attached to your keys can locate your smartphone, even if it’s left on silent. It’s rather common to silence your phone while at work, in class, or when entertaining children with a game and lose it soon after in the frantic shuffle of daily life. Thanks to Tile, though, finding your smartphone is a button press away. For objects with a thinner profile, such as a wallet or passport, the Tile Slim can do the trick.



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Tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker that finds your keys, wallet, phone, anything. Shop now and save up to 35%.



Using the enhanced tracking capabilities of Tile, anyone will be able to quickly pinpoint the location of their lost valuables. Should you drop your wallet containing a thin Tile Slim on your morning commute, for example, there are means of finding it and turning your day around.

If an item with a Tile attached to it is lost, simply use the app to be notified when it is found. Through a global network of users, other Tiles in the vicinity will let you know where a lost item was last spotted. In addition to morning commutes, this feature is invaluable for college students, concert goers, and parents with children who tend to lose things rather frequently.



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