While there are only a handful of credit card issuers, there are many different credit cards with products or rewards like frequent flyer miles, cash back, etc. As an affiliate marketer it’s to your advantage to know which offers would be more appealing to your audience.









Extending Your Reach
A credit card with cash back rewards would be beneficial to just about anyone, but especially a business owner who is looking to get more out of every purchase he makes for his company. Below, you will find a few tips to help you figure out which credit cards would be more beneficial for you to promote on your web site.

Low Interest, Cash Rewards, Airline Rewards – Credit cards with a low interest rates are not only attractive to new comers, but to anyone who is looking to open a new line of credit, so your potential for success increases. Likewise, everyone would like to take a vacation or earn cash back on their spending. Thankfully for affiliates, rewards offered by credit card issuers have grown outside of the air travel and cash back realm. This is good news for you, since it’ll give you a bigger reach when you promote them on your web site.

Hotel Credit Cards – If you have a travel web site, you should definitely consider looking at hotel rewards cards since they are the most generous when it comes to points distribution for general purchases. Some of these cards allow members to redeem their points for gift cards or airline tickets as well.

Pre-approved or Poor Credit Cards – Because of their lack of credit history, newcomers may not receive the card with the lowest interest rates, but there are still a few that manage to stay attractive to the public. These cards are also a great income generator, especially because some credit card companies may not approve everyone due to their lack of credit history. Secured cards can help these consumers out as well – and they often have low APRs because any debt is secured against default when the account is opened.

Other Options To Consider
It’s possible for first time applicants to be rejected by credit card companies. In these cases, it’d be prudent for them to approach their bank about credit cards available through them – so consider promoting banking alternatives to your credit card seeking visitors as well.

Retail or Merchant Rewards Cards – Retail store cards are also a good way to begin creating a healthy credit history, but only if the credit card activity is reported to the credit bureaus. Still, keep these offers handy in case you have more than one web site promoting products.

Secured Cards – If all else fails, secured cards can help your audience get their foot in the credit card game. There is a security deposit required which determines the credit limit on the card, so the risk of going overboard is non-existent. As stated earlier, Secured cards often have lower interest rates than regular cards, because the balance is guaranteed by the deposit. These are also helpful for individuals who may have recently completed bankruptcy.

Putting It All Together
There are many different ways to appeal to your public when it comes to credit cards, but the type of cards discussed here can give you a better feel for how you can lay out your marketing plan or campaigns. Credit cards are major conversion generators for promoters, so if you’re just starting out in the affiliate marketing business you’d do well to start there.

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