FlexOffers’ FlexCash affiliate marketing referral program is an innovative revenue sharing program. When our affiliate partners refer their publisher and influencer friends to FlexOffers, they’ll unlock the ability to earn passive income.

This means that our affiliate partners can generate income even while they sleep, as they will be privy to a portion of commissions paid out to their referee. So, the more people they refer to FlexOffers the more potential revenue they can make.

By using FlexCash, publishers can significantly increase their earning potential. In fact, publishers have the potential to earn up to 10% of the revenue of programs as they generate more revenue from their sites. FlexCash’s earnings structure is largely dependent on the publisher’s 90-day sales average, meaning that the more sales a publisher generates, the higher their earning capacity.

One of the greatest advantages of FlexCash is that it is easy to use and affords publishers the opportunity to quickly sign up and start earning money. Once a publisher is pre-approved for the FlexCash affiliate marketing referral program, they’ll gain access to enhanced client interface tools, special invitation emails, and links. They’ll then have the option to refer prospective publishers through the FlexCash program.

To join the FlexCash affiliate marketing referral program, publishers can easily use the FlexCash Invitations section to refer prospective publishers to FlexOffers.com.

Once the form is completed, the referral will automatically receive an email with instructions for registering with FlexOffers.com.

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All applications must be reviewed to make sure they meet the FlexOffers’ minimum network requirements. As soon as the referred publishers are approved, they can start promoting from our extensive catalog of affiliate programs.

Furthermore, FlexCash offers publishers a dashboard that enables them to track bonuses from their enhanced client interface. Through FlexCash, publishers can receive bonuses on top of their regular commissions every month that exceed the potential of a singular publisher or influencer.

FlexCash also provides publishers with resources to help them promote and underscore program benefits that subsequently increase their earnings. For publishers looking to generate more revenue from their site, by way of intuitive tools that facilitate incremental growth, FlexOffers’ FlexCash affiliate marketing referral program is definitely worth considering.