FlexOffers.com is happy to report an incredible accolade bestowed upon our company: prime placement in TopTenReviews’ list of 2014 Best Affiliate Marketing Company Reviews.

Our endless efforts to optimize and expand our platform have landed us 7th on the TopTenReviews list, putting us in the company of some networks that have been in the industry for over a decade.

FlexOffers.com TopTenReviews affiliate marketing banner

Scoring an overall 9.2 out of 10, our support, search options, and ease of use were heavily praised (emphasis added):


“…one of the best customer service programs we have found.”

“… a user-friendly website interface as well as user-friendly account services.”

“… provide well known advertisers marketed only through FlexOffers.”

“Both the large and small businesses can benefit from the services FlexOffers provides.”


The most rewarding line in the review, though, is much more concise:

“The site was designed and built with the user in mind.”


These are all excellent indicators that FlexOffers.com is indeed on the right track to the top of the affiliate marketing industry. We have grown by leaps and bounds in the past year, and are developing processes which can increase our platform tenfold and beyond. This calculated growth will soon prove an invaluable boon for our publishers, advertisers, and everyone involved.

FlexOffers.com appreciates this prestigious recognition, as well as the hard work put in by our tight-knit team each day to outperform their efforts from the day before. You’ve got to be flexible to be a success in the affiliate marketing industry, and that just happens to be our specialty.