flexoffers shopify intergrationFlexOffers’ Shopify store app now features a full-service tracking solution through the Shopify app marketplace. FlexOffers.com has launched a full-service tracking solution to allow Shopify store owners to track the performance of any traffic source through our app. Do you currently work with partners that drive social media traffic and pay a flat rate? Now you can install an app within your Shopify account that will allow you to track clicks and conversions, paying partners based on actual sales driven!

FlexOffers’ performance tracking solution was created to thoroughly track and determine if a traffic source is providing value on an ROI basis.  Performance tracking can be implemented across any channel within your organization.  Whether Shopify app store users are looking to monitor landing pages, cart abandonment, paid search or social, they’ll have all the answers they seek at the click of a button.  

FlexOffers understands that tracking and optimizing traffic for conversion is vital for your business, and we want to help! In addition to tracking, FlexOffers provides access to its own marketplace of over 75k+ traffic sources looking for fresh new brands to work with. These are digital marketing experts that have grown their businesses through performance marketing.

 They’ve also developed long-term relationships with thousands of digital brands to help increase revenue without the risk most businesses experience with upfront costs. When you can pay partners on a performance basis, they continuously optimize for conversion.

FlexOffers provides a recruitment tool that allows you to locate and message partners through the marketplace. The tool has helped hundreds of brands find and successfully partner with some of the top performance marketing companies in the world. With our message center you can interact with these partners and setup calls to discuss strategy, offer promotional materials, and confer rate increases to support your business objectives with each partner. The message center also allows you to send regular newsletters to your partners to keep them apprised of various promotions or shifts in your brand’s marketing approach so they may adjust accordingly.

FlexOffers recently launched an industry first solution for targeting and approving partners based on their traffic sources. Say you want to work with loyalty partners, content sites, and social media influencers but do not want to partner with coupon sites currently. You can set your program to auto-approve those traffic sources you wish to partner with and auto-decline those you do not. This allows for management of your program on a level unheard of within the performance marketing industry!

Finally, FlexOffers provides a payment solution for working with partners on a performance basis. Each month you review the previous months transactions and approve those that are valid. FlexOffers then creates invoices for your brand to pay one amount instead of paying each individual partner yourself. This frees you up to do what you do best as an expert for your brand. FlexOffers takes the work out of tracking on a performance basis for Shopify brands. Unlike any other Shopify store app, FlexOffers provides a full-service solution that allow Shopify stores to increase profits without the risk of paying up front flat fees that offer no guarantee of ROI. We have worked diligently to ensure that the tools located in the Shopify app store are functionally relevant to the success of your brand. 

Ready to partner with FlexOffers or want more information about how your Shopify brand can benefit? Visit our Shopify Affiliate & Influencer Marketing page for more information.