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Whether your page viewers are into console or PC gaming, they’ll assuredly find games that span a wide range of genres that suit their interests. At Target.com, gamers can peruse over 1,500 game titles on the latest video game consoles. Target also offers the Atari home Pac-Man arcade, which delivers the nostalgic feel of an ‘80s arcade in the comfort of one’s very own home.

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Wal-Mart.com US

Many retailers have a tendency to run into difficulty keeping popular toys and gadgets in stock during the holidays. By promoting the Wal-Mart.com US affiliate program on your landing page, site visitors will be granted access to shelves teeming with must-have toys to complete their shopping list. As a result of its convenience and accessibility, Wal-Mart.com US customers are guaranteed to find toys that put a smile on their child’s face whether they began their shopping at the height of the holiday season or four score and several months ago.

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Fat Brain Toys

Through the Fat Brain Toys affiliate program, your web traffic will be privy to age-appropriate toys that afford them the opportunity to play while they learn. Fat Brain Toys are designed to inspire, educate, and ignite the imagination through its curated collection of toys that give children a head start upon their foray into the school system. For a limited time at Fat Brain Toys, educators can receive an extra 10% off through its Educator Program.

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If the holiday enthusiasts among your audience are in search of decorative pieces that commemorate the holidays, then they needn’t look any further than Funko. Funko’s holiday collection is comprised of figurines, ornaments, and calendars featuring holiday themes that evoke holiday cheer like the Santa Claus and Nutmeg figure complete with a festively lit home.

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Drone Nerds

It’s not uncommon for drone pilots to become unimpressed with the lack of power and flight time of store-bought drones. Thankfully, Drone Nerds provides drones that effortlessly secure any pilot’s unbridled enthusiasm. DroneNerds.com sells drones capable of speeds up to 44.7 mph. While its speed is remarkable, its flight time is every bit as impressive, reaching flight times of up to 30 minutes between charges.

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Pets deserve to be spoiled, and in order to pamper pets the way they should, pet parents will certainly want to visit Chewy.com. Chewy.com has an assortment of noisemakers, soft and tough chew toys, and floating chew toys for your readers’ furry friend to ensure they aren’t left out of holiday festivities. During Chewy.com’s holiday sale, shoppers can save up to 30% off dog toys while adding to their precious pup’s joy during the most festive time of the year and beyond.

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