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Spruce up your earnings with profitable home, garden, and kitchen affiliate programs via FlexOffers.com. Our treasure trove of affiliate programs offers a wide range of products, services, and essentials for household maintenance, improvement, expansion, and even financial support. Moreover, our appealing kitchen affiliate programs contain everything your website visitors require to keep, improve, and modernize their kitchens.

Monetize your home-focused content by partnering with these home and garden top affiliate programs now available at FlexOffers.com.

The Home Depot square logo

The Home Depot

Boost your earnings with America’s favorite home improvement store by joining The Home Depot affiliate program via FlexOffers.com. The Home Depot is a leading home improvement retailer in America and welcomes you to its lucrative affiliate program. Earn up to 6.4% of Sales.

Lowe's white and blue square logo


Unlock a world of opportunities with the Lowe’s Affiliate Program: your partner in home improvement. Lowe’s, a household name in home improvement, invites you to join its dynamic affiliate program today. Earn 0.8% of Sales.

Arhaus Affiliate Program


Discover the Arhaus affiliate program via FlexOffers.com – Your gateway to earning commissions while promoting exquisite home furnishings and décor. Earn 3.2% of Sales.

HelloFresh square logo


Embark on a tasty culinary journey by joining the HelloFresh – US affiliate program via FlexOffers.com and revolutionize home cooking, one affiliate link at a time. Learn about HelloFresh’s meal delivery service and embrace the opportunity to redefine culinary experiences for your audience. Earn up to $8 per Sale.

WalMart.com - US Affiliate Program


Through the Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC affiliate program, your online audience will have access to the myriad of apparel, electronics, and domestic goods for the entire family sold via Walmart.com. Earn up to 3.2% of Sales.

Instacart square logo


Embark on a grocery revolution with the Instacart Affiliate Program: your gateway to seamless shopping and earning. Explore the affiliate program via FlexOffers.com and unlock the potential of partnering with one of the leading online grocery delivery and pick-up services there is. Earn $1.60 per Account Activation.

Emma – The Sleep Company Affiliate Program

Emma The Sleep Company

Explore the Emma – The Sleep Company affiliate program via FlexOffers.com – Your gateway to earning commissions while promoting quality sleep solutions. Emma is a trusted brand known for its innovative sleep technology and commitment to customer satisfaction. Earn 3.2% of Sales.

Tractor Supply

Tractor Supply

Boost Your Earnings with America’s Out Here Store by joining the Tractor Supply affiliate program via FlexOffers.com. This partnership gives your audience members the ability to shop for basic maintenance products for farm, ranch, and rural life through TractorSupply.com. Earn up to 5.6% of Sales.

Sam's Club square logo

Sam's Club

Unlock your full marketing potential and great savings with the Sam’s Club Affiliate Program: Your patrons’ gateway to wholesale deals. Sam’s Club is a trusted warehouse club and invites you to join its lucrative affiliate program today. Earn up to 12% of Sales.

Payout amounts are subject to change based on publisher terms.