Credit cards have always been a promising promotional opportunity for affiliate marketers, but recent launches of some new business cards have turned heads and changed attitudes within the industry. Publishers used to catering exclusively to audiences seeking consumer credit cards have considered the caveats of promoting business credit cards and realized the incredible potential of growing their business by expanding their audience ever so slightly. Have you?






Go with the (Cash) Flow
The slower rate at which rewards are earned with some business cards as compared to personal cards might turn off certain consumers and the publishers catering to them, that is, until both groups take a moment to examine the spending propensities of businesses.

What is regarded as proper use of a business card isn’t for a single $5 morning latte, rather the $5,000 or even $50,000 project that latte will be fueling- and the reward points accrued will reflect those higher spending margins. Many business cards still realize the importance of rewarding individual efforts, so they often offer purchasing discounts in case, for example, a team absolutely still needs their morning caffeine fix to operate. As many employers and employees can tell you, and you could probably attest yourself, the answer is a resounding “yes”… with an extra shot of espresso or two.

Fish in a Barrel
If you’re running a business oriented website and find that your consumer credit card advertisements aren’t performing as well as you believed they would, you should consider slightly altering your marketing tactics and promoting to the captive audience you’ve already gathered. There really is no need to fight against the buying power of businesses, considering how much they can influence your financial target goals.

As a publisher, think about how much higher the payouts are for business cards as compared to consumer cards in general. Both business credit cards and consumer credit cards have ideal audiences which can garner an unbelievable return on your investment, but the higher degree of financial security needed to successfully run a business instead of merely maintaining personal finances can translate to more conversions from these responsible individuals. Don’t let any prior misconceptions keep you from employing a strategy reflective of these ideas; you won’t be the first and you certainly won’t be the last publisher to cater to the demographic of business owners still fighting for the American Dream.

Considerable Opportunities
Even if you’ve never considered bustling small business owners as a target audience for your online ventures, there are many opportunities to promote to them and further your own goals. There have been a number of business credit cards recently released that exemplify the innovative thinking needed in our economic environment, which has small businesses practically begging for a credit card with the right benefits and features to come along and save them. If you want to be the publisher to help them and yourself in the process though, you’d better move fast.