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InterContinental Hotels Group

Spending time at an InterContinental Hotels Group property is the perfect way for travelers to celebrate International Day of Peace, especially when they book spacious villas at 10% off the regular price. The InterContinental Hotels Group has over 70 years of experience in the realm of hospitality and possesses services and amenities that facilitate comfort and relaxation wherever they may travel. At IHG.com, vacationers will have access to more than 5,000 properties in nearly 100 countries offering a truly serene aesthetic and warmth that makes them feel welcomed and valued during International Peace Day and beyond.

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H&M (US)

H&M (US) fall collection has arrived, which means now your site visitors can find season-appropriate clothing capable of providing warmth at prices that won’t break the bank. Currently, at 2.HM.com, fashionistas can peruse its massive inventory for hoodies and sweatshirts featuring vibrant colors and patterns starting at $14.99. By purchasing H&M (US) hoodies and sweatshirts, fashion gurus can observe International Day of Peace draped in apparel that simultaneously delivers style and tranquility while guarding against cooler temperatures.

Hoodies and Sweatshirts from $14.99? Now That’s Comforting. Re-Up Your Favorite H&M Styles in New Colors and Cool Graphics for Easy-Does-It Kind of Days!



Moon Juice

Cortisol is that could potentially do more harm than good when stress levels are elevated. Thankfully, through the Moon Juice affiliate program, the health enthusiasts among your audience can mitigate stress by purchasing SuperYou stress management capsules. SuperYou normalizes cortisol levels while enhancing energy and mood through stress-relieving agents such as amala, rhodiola, ashwagandha, and shatavari. Its potent compounds successfully usher customers through their day enabling them to consistently put forth the best version of themselves.

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The ability to safely and securely travel the internet without incident should be a mere formality, but unfortunately, due to a multitude of cyber threats, it’s not uncommon for your web traffic to pick up a virus on their machine by simply surfing the web. At Malwarebytes.com, those navigating the information highway can finally stop viruses in their tracks before traditional antivirus software would even recognize they exist. Whether attempting to block malicious malware at home or on the job, Malwarebytes shuts down attacks from every angle, providing its users peace of mind due to its ability to react to web hazards much faster than traditional software.

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium Essential Exploit Protection for just $24.95 per year!



N8 Essentials

While International Day of Peace encourages personal and political resolutions for mankind, its mission should also be extended to man’s best friend. Through the N8 Essentials affiliate program, your patrons can purchase dog treats and sprays infused with Full Spectrum hemp oil to provide their precious pup the CBD support they need. N8 Essentials are made with the same integrity and attention to detail as its human CBD products and allow pet parents to help their dogs reduce nausea, inflammation, and anxiety, and sleep peacefully through the night.

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Laithwaite’s Wine (US)

If your readers would like to make a toast in honor of International Day of Peace, they’ll certainly want to promote the Laithwaite’s Wine (US) affiliate program on their site. With a Laithwaite’s wine (US) membership, subscribers can receive 12 expertly selected wine bottles conveniently delivered to their door every three months. For a limited time, wine connoisseurs can save $160 on Laithwaite’s Wine (US) top-12 wines and receive a free gift.

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