We’re only a week or so into 2013, but New Year’s resolutions are already becoming increasingly difficult commitments to keep. While some members of your online audience have already indulged in a double bacon cheeseburger or two, others are fighting to keep their vow of good health intact despite all of the delicious temptations around them.

To help those steadfast nutritional optimists reach their health goals, retailers such as Target are catering to their renewed sense of well being with discounts on gear they’ll need to stay in shape this year.



Staying the Course
The first and most difficult step on the path to better health is finding the proper motivation to improve one’s quality of life. The second hardest step, coincidentally, is following through with your motivation in order to make your commitment meaningful. Target knows how difficult it can be for consumers to go from a sedimentary to an active lifestyle, and currently have many options available to ease that transition.

Aside from an array of activewear for all members of the family, Target is also currently offering sales on numerous exercise machines that can help improve cardiovascular endurance. Some popular options include high performance treadmills like the ProForm Power 995 Treadmill and exercise machines like the Stamina Airgometer Bike or the Stamina Avari Prgrm Magnetic Eliptical that are less impactful on one’s joints. These stationary exercise machines are convenient alternatives to working out at a gym, and can become invaluable components to staying the course on the path to better health in the New Year.

Metabolic Mechanic
If the body is the vehicle for the soul, then a few of your site visitors are probably overdue for a fuel upgrade. Even with hours spent on a treadmill or eliptical machine, achieving optimum health is an incredibly difficult task without proper dietary improvements.

In order to make healthier eating habits a convenient part of a daily routine, Target is currently having a sale on helpful appliances like the NutriBullet by Magic Bullet. With the power to break down the seeds, stems, and tough skins of fruits and vegetables, the NutriBullet can access the hidden nutrients that can drastically improve health and energy levels- a perfect compliment to a regular exercise regimen. For preparing delicious fruit smoothies, egg white omelets, or after-workout protein shakes– there’s truly only a few devices as simple and convenient as the compact power of the NutriBullet.

Attaining Results
Regardless of which of these health-conscious products you choose to promote on your site, the most important aspect is that your site visitors know you are able to help them reach their health goals. To make the most of this opportunity though, you should start promoting these products from Target before New Year’s resolutions become passe for another 12 months.