As the leaders in ironic hipster fashion sense and mobile payment usage, 18 to 34-year-olds are reaping the advantages of a paperless society far before the baby boomers or any other generation will have an opportunity to adapt. It seems that the days of fumbling with crumbled up dollars at the register for college students will soon go the way of the rotary phone, but this points to an even more important trend in this demographic- the resurgence of credit card applications.

Swiper, More Swiping!
As far as paper money goes, the writing is on the wall… of many social media platforms online. The MasterCard Mobile Payments Readiness Index indicates “the youth in America represent a key segment both familiar with and willing to adopt mobile payments.” With issuers realizing the potential profits of adapting to this new generation of avid technorati, credit cards which are processed by compatible companies that promote paperless mobile transaction processing will likely become more prominent as well.

Mobile internet access hasn’t been tethered to a wall outlet for some time now, unless you count the recharging of cellular phones- and even then many young people use touch-based charging stations to get juice for their phones. When students want to buy actual juice for themselves, that very same phone is slowly becoming the key to quick and convenient charges.

Pass, Go
The wider adaptation of such applications as MasterCard’s PayPass and Visa’s payWave will herald their acceptance in mainstream society beyond the technologically savvy youth. It’s not just a matter of time, mobile micropayments will soon become a matter of convenience.

Modern cellular phones serve a far greater purpose than merely rambling about the day’s trivial pursuits- they have become the single most important item in many a purse or pocket. Anyone who doubts the power of their cellphone need only to misplace it once and consider the information that just became readily available to the public. Proper regulated use of that information and technology, on the other hand, will serve as an incredible convenience in an already impatient society.

Engaging Gen-Y
With 91% of students owning a mobile phone and 81% having a checking account according to market research firm TRU, mobile micropayments on a college campus will soon be as commonplace as embarrassing weekend pictures filled with red Solo cups. This not only makes college students likely candidates for new credit cards that are adaptable to touchless technology, it means they’re listening.

What better time to reach out to them than right now?


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