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PETCO Animal Supplies

Whether in search of wet, dry, or even vet-authorized cat food, your site visitors can find food their cuddly kitten is guaranteed to love when they shop at PETCO Animal Supplies. PETCO.com features over 1,283 cat food products that are equal parts delicious and wholesome at a discounted rate. Emblematic of its tasty, yet nutritious cat food is the Healthy Gourmet Tuna, which contains natural ingredients teeming with rich flavors their cat will thoroughly enjoy.

No artificial ingredients in PETCO Animal Supplies Cat Food




By promoting the Chewy.com affiliate program on your landing page, cat parents can make certain their cat has the opportunity to partake in every Fright Night festivity imaginable. Chewy.com houses over 80 Halloween costumes for cats across eight different categories to ensure their admittance to any Hallow’s Eve party irrespective of theme. Cat moms and dads will also have access to accessories that help their furry friend stand out from the crowd.

Halloween Costumes for your Dog and Cat!



Rover Petcare

If your site visitors will be away from their home throughout the day and worry about their cat’s ability to behave while they’re away, then you’ll certainly want to promote the Rover Petcare affiliate program on your landing page. Rover Petcare connects pet owners to a network of dog and cat sitters and allows them to select the sitter suitable for their cat. Once their sitter is booked, Rover Petcare subscribers are provided regular updates and photos that enable them to keep pace with their cat’s adventure with their temporary caretaker.

Find Loving Cat Sitters at Go.Rover.com



Pretty Litter

Many nine-to-fivers among your audience hardly have time to stop at the store for household essentials, let alone kitty litter for their favorite feline. Thankfully, Pretty Litter offers health-monitoring cat litter available to be delivered to its subscribers’ front door once every four weeks. Pretty Litter assists pet owners with keeping tabs on their cat’s health by changing colors upon interaction with waste. Each color change indicates potential health concerns that make Pretty Litter purchasers aware of possible health issues before immediate medical care is needed.

15% OFF first subscription order at PrettyLitterCats.com with code FLEX15



VetPet Box

It’s perfectly natural for your patrons to want the very best for their cat, and through the VetPet Box affiliate program, they’ll be able to do exactly that. After completion of a questionnaire, VetPet Box’s veterinarians deliver premium toys, treats and wellness products based on the information each pet owner provided. Every box also comes with health tips and information that facilitates optimum pet care whilst saving cat keepers time and money.

Vet Approved Gift Boxes For Dogs and Cats! $10 Off Your First VetPet Box Using Promo Code: VetPet10



MediPets CBD US

Through MediPets CBD US your readers will be privy to CBD oils, treats, and sprays for their cats. Its tinctures are available in regular, strong, and extreme strength to help your web traffic identify the appropriate amount of cannabidiol required to enhance their cat’s overall health. Currently, at MediPetsCBD.com, customers can get 20% off their first order with coupon code WELCOME20.

Get 20% off Your First Order with Coupon Code WELCOME20



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