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Choosing the right energy sources can help reduce energy consumption, pollution, and ultimately lower homeowners’ bills. Provide your readers with useful ways to save money and conserve energy by promoting these National Cut Your Energy Costs Day bargains now available on the FlexOffers network!



Pelican Water

By promoting the Pelican Water affiliate program on your landing page, the budget-conscious homeowners among your audience can obtain efficient water treatment systems that will provide their household with fresher, cleaner water. When purchasing Pelican Water’s drinking systems and shower filters, customers can rid their home water filtering system of harmful chemicals without the use of electricity, which further reduces their ecological footprint.. This new year, Pelican Water customers can save 15% off whole house water systems and 50% off drinking and shower filters whilst bolstering their water quality.

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Households across the nation depend on electricity to keep their homes warm or cool, depending on the season. But between heating and cooling one’s home, electricity bills have the potential to sink any homeowner’s budget. Luckily, the Lowe’s affiliate program grants your patrons access to an extensive collection of smart thermostats that will help them cut utility costs.  Representative of Lowe’s efficient smart home technology products is the Google Nest Smart Thermostat E designed to help households save energy. Its Wi-Fi compatibility, temperature smart sensor, and energy-saving features adapt to its users’ preferences by allowing them to control their home’s temperature and conserve energy no matter where they are.

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No matter how regularly a typical household washes and dries clothes, a Maytag washing machine can help them reduce their water and energy intake with each load. Through the Maytag affiliate program, your audience members can purchase innovative Energy Star certified washer-dryer pairs designed with smart features to help them conserve natural resources and save money every month. Emblematic of Maytag’s top performance is the Smart Capable Top Load Washer, equipped with an extra power button. This washer machine delivers powerful cleaning cycles driven by its “Extra Power Button,” which boosts the stain-fighting performance by way of its dual-temperature wash, in one single load.

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SunPower (US)

If your web traffic is contemplating switching to solar energy to power their home, then they needn’t look any further than the SunPower (US) affiliate program. At, customers can receive an online solar savings estimate and begin their transition to solar energy. Solar panels give your page viewers the ability to save money on their utility bills by creating natural solar energy that will power everything at home while subsequently minimizing their carbon footprint.

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Lumens Light + Living

Through the Lumens Light + Living affiliate program, your readers can purchase the latest in LED technology that will help them to save extra cash on their power bill.  This lighting company’s inventory is comprised of outdoor scones, hanging lights, and portable fixtures. Lumens Light + Living LED lighting assortment combines elegant designs with energy efficiency for a longer lifespan, greater durability, and most importantly — less energy consumption. For a limited time, Lumens Light + Living customers can save up to 15% off its collection of contemporary and mid-century modern lighting designs when they use coupon code SECRET at checkout.

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Walters Wholesale Electric

Replacing the light switches around the house with more energy-efficient ones can have a significant impact on consumers’ efforts to lower their utility bills. The Walters Wholesale Electric affiliate program connects your web traffic to, an online store for electrical supplies such as wiring devices, conduit and fittings, and other tools needed for residential and industrial electrical work. Walters Wholesale Electric Co. offers a rich light switch inventory, which features dimmers and digital switches. Its collection of light switches allows consumers to control brightness, set a schedule for the lights to go on or off, and ultimately reduce their energy output.

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