FlexOffers.com, affiliate, marketing, sales, promotional, discount, savings, deals, banner, blog, Scoreboard Sports, Nike, Bodybuilding.com, Food Network Store, NutriSystem Inc., Teavana.com, diet, health, fitness, food, National Heart MonthFebruary is National Heart Month here in the States, which brings awareness to the leading cause of death for men and women according to the CDC. Your readers are among those individuals who could be affected by this preventable epidemic, so we’ve gathered some of our top promotional offers below.

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Scoreboard Sports

Incrementally adding physical activity to one’s daily routine is a great way to stay active and keep heart disease at bay. Marketing the Scoreboard Sports affiliate program on your website grants your audience access to a robust outlet filled with equipment for team and individual sports. Select items can even be embroidered for a truly unique look.

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When it comes to style on and off the field, you can’t beat the timeless look of Nike. This iconic athletic brand is championed by athletes of all skill levels, from all-star basketball players to stay-at-home parents getting their run in before picking up the kids from school.

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Even if your patrons aren’t preparing for an upcoming competition, Bodybuilding.com is a great place to go to get the nutritional supplements missing from their regime. This storefront also sells weight training accessories and offers a variety of guides for quick and effective workouts.

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 Food Network Store

Aside from regular exercise, a healthy diet is essential for combating heart disease. Through the Food Network Store affiliate program, your web traffic can browse and buy some of the best cookware and tools to create their own meals at home. That way, they’ll both save money and countless calories by controlling what is added to their food.

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NutriSystem, Inc.

NutriSystem’s meal replacement plans, when combined with exercise, are a tried and true method for losing weight and reducing stress upon one’s heart. Your site visitors can lose 1-2 lbs. per week when they follow the rules and eat the nutritional meals provided by this industry mainstay.

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In my journey to a healthier life, cutting out colas was a huge step in the right direction. Should some of your audience members be addicted to soda themselves, a cup of freshly brewed loose leaf tea from Teavana.com can provide them with all the stimulation they’ll need. Amateur tea aficionados who haven’t their own kettles or infusers can buy them from this retailer, too.

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When it comes to heart health and profitable websites, little changes can make a big difference. Consider these and other marketing options currently available on the FlexOffers.com network!