Pet owners want the best for their furry friends, but the cost of pet products can make it increasingly difficult for them to obtain the latest and the greatest for their cuddly companion.

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Through the BarkBox affiliate program, your site visitors can customize or choose a box stuffed with new toys, treats, and, chews available to be delivered to their front door every month. Currently, at, dog lovers can sign up for a six- or 12-month plan and enjoy a free extra month of uniquely themed products that ensure their unbridled enthusiasm.

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National Pet Week is the perfect time for pet parents to ensure their pets are living in the lap of luxury and enables them to do just that through a myriad of food options at discount prices. For a limited time, shoppers can feed their dogs Landmark by American Journey and get up $10 off. Landmark by American Journey is comprised of 70% animal-source proteins and natural fats, which helps canines sustain energy while providing the taste they crave.

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PETCO Animal Supplies

If your web traffic is in search of methods to protect their pets from fleas and ticks, then they needn’t look any further than PETCO Animal Supplies. PETCO Animal Supplies’ inventory consists of flea and tick collars, chewable tablets, shampoos, and sprays that ward off parasites and subsequently enable their pet’s coat to flourish all year long.

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Pretty Litter

If your patrons have ever grown tired of repeated trips to the grocery store to replenish their cuddlesome kitten’s litterbox then they’ll certainly benefit from a Pretty Litter subscription. At, registered members can select a plan befitting to their budget and number of cats in their household. By using coupon code SPRING10, customers can save up to 10 percent off their first order and gift their frolicking feline with one of the best cat litter solutions ever created.

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Keeping carpet and furniture free of pet hair, dirt, and waste can be a difficult feat to achieve for pet owners. Thankfully, Bissell sells a wide range of vacuums and deep cleaning systems such as the Bissell Pro Heat 2x: a two-in-one pet upholstery tool that removes pet hair, stains, and odor from upholstery, permitting its consumers to love their pets without the mess.

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InterContinental Hotels Group

Pets are essentially viewed as an additional family member and leaving them behind due to a business trip or a romantic retreat is always a tough decision to make. Now, your readers will no longer have to depart from their devoted pets while traveling as the InterContinental Hotels Group allows them to check in, right alongside their guests. At, travelers can peruse its list of pet-friendly hotels and find ideal lodging for the entire family.

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