Running an online business can be both rewarding and punishing. You have to worry about inventory, availability, customer service and more importantly, finding a way to process every payment in a fast, secure and cost-effective way.



All The Benefits, None of the Clutter
The advantage of doing business online is not having to worry about payment terminals and their maintenance, but you do need to have knowledgeable and reliable IT support and a payment processing company that offers low processing percentage rates. These options are not always readily available, but is offering internet marketers a way to deal with this particular situation.

Making Every Penny Count
The company has had great success in the past 3 years by offering negotiable fees and month-to-month contracts with no cancellation fees. This is especially helpful for many businesses who may be shopping around for the best option in the market. While a few cents per transaction may not be a big deal to an individual, when it comes to processing several hundreds or thousands of transactions a day can become an issue for a business, so finding the lowest processing percentage rate is paramount.

Open House
Powerpay allows any online merchant to take advantage of their services, something not all credit card processing companies are willing to do. Add this to their customer support and you have something every company needs. This, for example, would come in handy to a company who specializes in global domain name registration, web site design, web hosting, and other services that are either paid for each month or new business that comes in on a daily or weekly basis.

The New Kid On The Block
While there are other companies that process credit card payments and provide the same service, none are as flexible as Powerpay, nor do they approach processing fees in the same way. With over 50,000 merchant subscribers, Powerpay might just be worth a look for any new business venture.