FlexOffers.com, affiliate, marketing, sales, promotional, discount, savings, deals, bargain, banner, blog, Reassuring LifeLock Identity Theft ServicesThe holidays are rapidly approaching which means cyber criminals far and wide are lining up to shoot their shot at stealing sensitive personal data and/or financial information. Now, holiday shoppers can block cyber threats like a 7-foot-tall professional basketball player and engage in a celebratory finger wag after each thwarted attempt with a LifeLock Identity Theft Services membership. By subscribing to LifeLock Identity Theft Services, your page viewers can choose between three security plans that grant them the assurances they need to peruse the World Wide Web worry-free during the holiday months and beyond. Don’t miss your chance to promote these reassuring LifeLock Identity Theft Services at FlexOffers.com today!




LifeLock Advantage™ and LifeLock Ultimate Plus™

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Identity theft happens every two seconds and the frequency of cyber-attacks tends to rise during the winter months, which is peak season for digital crime-doers. Thankfully, LifeLock Identity Theft Services provides its subscribers with all-in-one protection for their identity, devices, and online privacy. Equipped with Norton antivirus software, LifeLock Identity Theft Services is capable of stopping more than 140 million cyber threats a day. Its features also include a secure VPN, which partitions its users’ information while connected to the internet via public Wi-Fi. In any event, your site visitors should lose assets in the wake of a hack, LifeLock Identity Theft Services’ knowledgeable reps will work diligently to resolve identity theft issues and reimburse stolen funds up to their plan’s reimbursement limits.

One in every four people experience identity theft, and your web traffic shouldn’t wait to become a victim of cybercrime to begin safeguarding themselves from personal loss. Cyber crooks are notorious for opening new credit card accounts, applying for payday loans, and even filing tax returns through identities they’ve unlawfully obtained. However, with LifeLock Identity Theft Services, customers can pinpoint and eliminate data breaches that could potentially disclose sensitive information. Recognizing that each of its members is unique, LifeLock Identity Theft Services offers three layers of protection by detecting and alerting its users to suspicious activity and subsequently restoring what they lost. Consumers planning on doing the bulk of their holiday shopping on the internet can now save up to 25% off the first year of their LifeLock Identity Theft Services membership and complete their shopping list with confidence and peace of mind.


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Info compromised in a breach? Don’t compromise on ID Theft Protection. Terms Apply


LifeLock Identity Theft Services has been lauded for its IT protection solutions on an international scale. Emblematic of its ability to adapt to new IT security standards are its accolades that span multiple categories. Through AV-TEST’s one-year test phase, LifeLock Identity Theft Services proved to be most effective among competing brands. As a result of its products and services, LifeLock Identity Theft Services secured AV-TEST’s top honors for Best Protection, Best Performance, and Best Android Security in 2018. By sheer virtue of its awards and sterling reputation, LifeLock Identity Theft Services is the perfect ally for online shoppers to have on their side during the holidays. In the unlikely event of a data breach, ULTIMATE PLUS plan subscribers will be privy to reimbursement of stolen funds up to $1 million, personal expense compensation, and coverage for lawyers and experts if necessary, for case resolution.

At LifeLock.com, your readers can improve their awareness of potential cyber threats through a myriad of self-edifying tools that allow them to understand identity theft risks at various stages of life. Whether your patrons are millennials, first-time homeowners, or welcoming a newborn into the world, they can familiarize themselves with the possible risks associated with each milestone and how to avoid them. Given that the holidays are a special time for children, the parents among your audience can also give their kids the gift of premium protection from identity theft. Identity thieves often target children as their clean credit history makes it easy for cybercriminals to make new charges and open accounts. Through the LifeLock Identity Theft Services affiliate program, your customers can block out identity threats to maintain their kids’ pristine credit history whilst preserving their present and future holiday wishes.


FlexOffers.com, affiliate, marketing, sales, promotional, discount, savings, deals, bargain, banner, blog, Reassuring LifeLock Identity Theft Services


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