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Tax season is underway, and many taxpayers have already begun their search for affordable and reliable tax preparation services. Fortunately, the FlexOffers Marketing team has curated a list of discounts to help individuals and business owners file their taxes confidently. 

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H&R Block

For those looking to get the maximum refund they are entitled to, H&R Block is for them. As a leader in tax preparation services, H&R Block online offers individuals all the necessary tools and professional advice to help them file their taxes easily and stress-free.  

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Filing tax returns online is simple and free with TaxSlayer. When registering at taxslayer.com, your patrons will obtain free, unlimited phone and email support from TaxSlayer experts, choose direct deposit for a fast refund process, and pay zero out-of-pocket fees when they file.  

File with TaxSlayer


Whether your patrons need expert guidance to take their business to new heights or manage their money accurately, Unbiased is here to help. Unbiased financial advisers are qualified and regulated professionals ready to help every individual in search of financial advice. 

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TaxAct offers affordable tax filing tools and services, with step-by-step guidance from start to finish, to help taxpayers file their tax returns online. TaxAct believes in empowering everyone to do their taxes, no matter what their tax bracket. With innovative tools, accurate resources, and a reliable platform, TaxAct delivers top-quality value in tax preparation. 

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E-file.com helps taxpayers file their income taxes faster, easier, and more accurately than traditional paper forms. With E-file.com, customers will gain access to reliable online tax software with up-to-date information on tax reforms and expert support.  

E-File Your Taxes for Free


TurboTax offers taxpayers updated resources, a documentation checklist, and a tax refund calculator to help them gather all the necessary documents to file their 2023 tax returns. When browsing turbotax.intuit.com, customers will gain access to TurboTax’s innovative tax preparation software and learning resources to succeed this tax season.  

File with TurboTax

EuroTax PL

If your audience members have worked abroad and are looking to file their taxes online, EuroTax offers everything they need to get their taxes back. EuroTax has ten years of experience on the market, helping customers handle tax settlements while guaranteeing safe tax refund services.  

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