As inconspicuous as it may seem at first glance, your readers won’t know how they lived without a Tile Bluetooth tracker after using one. These compact devices are intuitively easy to use, and invaluable when it comes to saving time spent searching for lost items.

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Tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker that finds your keys, wallet, phone, anything. Shop now and save up to 30%.

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In a matter of seconds, Tile users can locate anything that their trackers are attached to. Available in the classic Tile Mate and thin Tile Slim varieties, one button press on a smartphone or tablet can trim minutes (if not hours) spent searching for keys, laptops, and other valuables.

Upon pairing a Tile with the free companion app, users also instantly become part of the world’s largest lost and found community. Anyone who has downloaded the app on their digital device automatically notifies Tile users if their lost item is nearby. At that point, it’s a matter of following the map on the Tile app to see where your item was last pinged.



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Even when it comes to everyday occurrences like misplacing your wallet, Tile comes through in a pinch. Everyone from business professionals to busy families can appreciate the ability to track down the items that seem to only get lost when they’re running late. Conversely, Tile trackers can also be used to find the smartphones and tablets they’re paired up with, even if they’re set to silent mode.

Be it a lost gym bag or beach tote that’s seen better days, Tile is the key to being reunited with goods at home or around the globe. They’re maintenance-free, require no charging, and serve as practical gifts that recipients will actually appreciate and use throughout the year. What more could your site visitors want from an award-winning consumer electronic device that fits in the palm of their hands?, affiliate, marketing, sales, promotional, discount, savings, deals, bargain, banner, blog, Save Time with Tile, Tile, tech, Bluetooth, tracker



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