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From trying to stay active to planning healthy meals for the family, staying fit can be an overwhelming task. Luckily, the FlexOffers marketing team has found a list of deals on supplements, diet plans, and workout tools that will make staying in shape this summer and beyond easier than ever.

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Ladder has everything athletes need to fuel their workouts. To stay energized for those early gym sessions, users can take Ladder’s delicious pre-workouts before they get to the gym to stay strong through every rep. When shoppers use Ladder supplements, they can beat fatigue and enhance strength with the perfect blend of gluten free and vegan ingredients.

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Reverse Health

Women can follow a diet plan made specifically for them with the Reverse health meal plan. Reverse health is a top-rated, 12-week weight loss program that supports women’s health at every stage. Women will receive a personalized meal plan when they sign up at reverse.health that will lead to a healthy and sustainable weight, increased confidence, and reduced menopause symptoms.

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BODi.com understands that everyone has different workout preferences, which is why they offer a variety of exercise programs for all fitness levels. Whether users are beginners or experts, they can pick from a selection of workouts such as cardio, strength, or yoga to get in their daily movement. A BODi subscription also includes 1,000 recipes that will help patrons stick to their healthy diet.

Go to BODi.com to get started with a 14-day free trial.

Nutrisystem Buy One Get One Free!

It’s much easier to stick to a weight loss plan with a good support system, which is why the Nutrisystem partner plan can help patrons lose more weight. With America’s #1 weight loss solution and a diet partner to take on the journey with them, customers will see results that they’ve never seen before. Customers can sign up for the partner plan and receive nutritious, delicious, and filling meals straight to their doorsteps.

Uniquely Yours


It’s easy to neglect mental health when trying to get healthy, but it is one of the most important aspects of one’s overall wellbeing. Customers can take charge of their mental wellness and call Talkspace to experience valuable therapy from the comfort of their own home. Talkspace is one of the highest-rated virtual therapy platforms, connecting users with certified therapists that will suit every user’s unique needs. 

Most insured members only pay a $25 copay or less at Talkspace


Staying hydrated is one of the most important aspects of health but can be the easiest thing to forget. Having the right water bottle can help customers reach for water more throughout the day, which is why Camelbak is providing water bottles of all sizes and styles to help customers stay hydrated. Customers can find the perfect hydration companion at camelback.com.

If you're not using CamelBak biking hydration packs and bottles, you're missing out on the ride of your life. Shop Now.


For foodies that don’t have time to browse the grocery aisles or even cook a meal at home, freshdirect.com supplies all patrons’ mealtime needs. At freshdirect.com, shoppers will find grocery items and chef-prepared meals that can be delivered conveniently to their home. Site visitors will find tasty dinner-time dishes such as ranchera chicken enchiladas, penne alla vodka, sweet potato sherpherd’s pie, and many more.

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