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Your web traffic can save considerable time when filing their federal tax returns by going through e-file.com. Their helpful software makes filing as pain-free as possible because we all know how exponentially frustrating the process can be otherwise.

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Just as modern technology has made shopping and travel bookings possible anywhere in the world now, TaxAct allows your audience to prepare and file their taxes in a few simple steps anywhere they may be. Convenient and affordable, they’re one of the best options for an optimized refund.

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FreeTaxUSA is an IRS-approved e-file provider that has already taken care of over 14 million tax returns. They can help your website visitors get the biggest refund available to them in the fastest way possible.

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eSmart Tax

The smart choice for accurate online tax filing, eSmart Tax features multiple products for individuals with varying situations. Solutions are sold that are ideal for families, investors, or business owners, as well as simple returns for people with fewer complications.

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The Neat Company

The neatest thing about The Neat Company is how neat all of your receipts will be when the time comes to start making deductions on a tax return form. Their desktop and wireless scanners are useful all year long but come April, they’ll be worth their weight in unnecessary forms you’d have to fill out for missing a line on your tax return.

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“I forgot” is a flimsy excuse for children to use when trying to get out of homework, and downright unacceptable when it comes to paying taxes. Your readers should do the responsible adult thing instead: order a Hello Kitty wall calendar from calendarexpress.com and mark April 15th on their calendar in big, bold letters. It’ll be quite difficult to forget them then.

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