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Influencers in the beauty industry can use affiliate marketing to market and profit from sales of the items they love. At FlexOffers.com, you will find a host of beauty and grooming affiliate programs covering a wide range of your patrons’ favorites, such as cosmetics, beauty supplies, personal care, and more. Here is a carefully curated list of the best affiliate programs that beauty influencers and bloggers can benefit from.

Monetize your beauty-focused content by partnering with these beauty and grooming top affiliate programs via FlexOffers.com.

Fenty Beauty Affiliate Program

Fenty Beauty

The Fenty Beauty affiliate program drives your web traffic to FentyBeauty.com, makers of beauty products that allow everyone to feel included. Rihanna designed Fenty Beauty to solve the lack of beauty products that perform as advertised across all skin types and tones. Earn 6.4% of sales.

Kylie Skin square logo

Kylie Skin

The Kylie Skin affiliate program drives your site visitors to KylieCosmetics.com, a collection of skincare essentials created by Kylie Jenner. Kylie Skin was launched with six products that are cruelty free, vegan, and suitable for all skin types. Earn 4% of sales.

Drunk Elephant affiliate program

Drunk Elephant

Explore the Drunk Elephant affiliate program, offering skincare products that deliver real results for healthy, radiant skin. Drunk Elephant believes skin can only function at its healthiest when treated with smart, nourishing, biocompatible ingredients. Earn 5.6% of sales.

ULTA BEAUTY square logo

ULTA Beauty

Unlock a world of beauty and exceptional earnings by joining the ULTA Beauty Affiliate Program via FlexOffers.com. Discover the world of beauty and affiliate marketing excellence with ULTA Beauty at the forefront. Earn 4% of sales.

Estee Lauder square logo

Estee Lauder

The Estee Lauder affiliate program drives traffic to EsteeLauder.com an American manufacturer and marketer of prestige skincare, makeup, fragrance, products. The company owns a diverse portfolio of labels, distributed internationally in up-market department stores. Earn 6.4% of Sales.

Sephora square logo


Discover the Sephora.com affiliate program via FlexOffers.com, offering a vast selection of beauty products and exclusive brands. As a valued affiliate partner, you’re encouraging your audience to explore an impressive product selection that embodies confidence, boldness, and inclusiveness. Earn 4% of sales.

Glossier affiliate program


Venture into the enticing Glossier affiliate program at FlexOffers.com and plunge into a universe of beauty and revenue potential. Explore the Glossier affiliate program, featuring skincare, makeup, and body care products loved by beauty experts. Earn 4% of Sales.

Too Faced affiliate program

Too Faced

The Too Faced Cosmetics affiliate program welcomes your web traffic to TooFaced.com, where they can shop for foolproof makeup intended for real women that dare to be as gorgeous as they dream. Too Faced offers best selling beauty products for the face, eyes, lips, and anywhere else that can use an artistic touch. Earn 16% of sales.

The Ordinary square logo

The Ordinary

Discover The Ordinary affiliate program via FlexOffers.com, offering high-quality skincare products at affordable prices for all skin types. Theordinary.com offers an evolving collection of revolutionary skincare products that improve the skin’s integrity and promote a healthy glow. Earn 10.4% of sales.

MAC Cosmetics sqaure logo

MAC Cosmetics

The MAC Cosmetics affiliate program gives your readers access to a leading makeup company whose innovation has made them a household name. Always at the forefront of trendsetting, MAC celebrates diversity and individuality of all ages, races, and genders. Earn 6.4% of sales.

Cult Beauty sqaure logo

Cult Beauty Ltd.

Discover the epitome of beauty excellence with the Cult Beauty Ltd. Affiliate Program – your audience members’ beauty destination. Cult Beauty Ltd, a premier beauty retailer, welcomes you to its esteemed affiliate program. Earn up to 4% of sales.

NYX Professional makeup square logo

NYX Professional Makeup

Step into the vibrant world of beauty with the NYX Professional Makeup Affiliate Program – an exciting opportunity for publishers to promote pro-level makeup to beauty enthusiasts everywhere. Discover the potential of featuring NYX Professional Makeup’s affiliate links, featuring alluring text links and visually stunning marketing banners. Earn 12% of sales.

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