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API and Reporting Updates

API Updates
Sales API – We have fixed a known bug that was causing duplicate entries in our /allsales API endpoint. This was due to a new field “IP” that was added to the response and not populating correctly. Now the IP field will correctly list the IP that was captured by our tracking platform in IPv4 and IPv6 formats.

Products API – Some publishers were experiencing issues when calling our /products/full API endpoint by passing a CatalogId & CategoryId that was not giving a response. A fix has now been deployed to make sure the API responds to these queries.  

Reports Update

Transaction Report – Last week’s deployment created a bug that removed the OrderNumber column from our Transaction Report when using the “Orders” filter. It has now been updated and users can see the OrderNumber in the response again.

Postback Reporting – We have put another fix in place for our Postback Reporting that allows for real-time reporting from advertisers who support it to our publisher’s tracking platforms. We found a bug where some advertisers would ping the same postback multiple times, which could create duplicate entries on the publisher’s tracking platform. This has now been fixed and our system will not accept duplicate entries for our Postback.