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New Deep linking URL Structure

We are working on simplifying our deep linking URL structure. Previously, we did not have a dedicated deep link URL for each program, and it was dependent on specific tracking links that were enabled as deep linkable by the advertiser. We have created a new link structure that will consist of using the Advertise ID on the URL to identify which advertiser to redirect the click to. Please note nothing will change on the deep links you have already created, and they will continue working without interruption. We will also be adding this new URL structure to our Deep links Bookmarklet and our Links API.

Here is an example:
If you are deep linking to Bose.com, Advertiser ID 171465, what will change is the structure after the foid=[DomainID].A[AdvertiserID]

Example deep link – http://track.flexlinks.com/a.ashx?foid=177.A171465&foc=1&fot=9999&fos=1&url=https://www.bose.com/en_us/products/frames/bose-frames-alto.html