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New Feature: Advertiser Search Filter Preferences
We’ve added the Advertiser Search Filter Preferences feature to streamline your workflow. Now, you can save your preferred search filters using the “Set Filter Preferences” button. These filters will automatically load on the Advertiser Search page, allowing you to simply click “Search” to see your results.

New Page: Company Profile

The new Company Profile page allows you to save links to your media kit and other marketing materials. This provides easy access and reference when working with our account managers or your team. https://publisherprobeta.flexoffers.com/accountsettings/company-profile

Navigation Menu Update

The “Payment Details” link in the navigation menu is now called “Payment Status” to better reflect the content on that page.

Explore the New Web Services API Tool

The Web Services tool provides direct access to API data in your account without the need for external apps. Whether you’re familiar with the legacy version of this tool or trying it for the first time, you can find updated instructions for how to use it in our new article.