Flexoffers.com - Important

New Support Platform

Great news! Ticketing has changed, and our Support team is now using the award-winning Zendesk platform to manage your inquiries. Once you select “Launch Support Site,” we will open a new browser tab to our support services where you can start a new inquiry or review an older ticket. https://publisherpro.flexoffers.com/Support

Comparison Widget Page Updates

We’ve made design changes to the Comparison Widget page! https://publisherpro.flexoffers.com/Product/ComparisonWidgets
You’ll notice it includes the following new features:
• A page layout to easily search and create your widget right on the page
• Functionality to save your widget template and save your widget
• The option to name your saved templates and widgets to whatever you would like. You can also edit and erase them.
• Ability to retrieve your saved widgets from the search box

Product Data Feeds API Update

We’ve added new search capabilities on our /products/full endpoint, and you can now filter your query by Gender/Size/Color from any of the feeds you are approved for!