Flexoffers.com - Important

When bonuses are reported on publisher’s accounts, they are added as a regular transaction and will have the “Bonus” status. Previously, our system would automatically assign a Posted Date when these transactions were added but did not assign an Event Date. This created a bug where you would not see the transaction if you filtered the Transaction report by Event Date.

Performance Report Graph Enhancement
On the performance report, the y-axis did not start at 0, taking the lowest point in the graph as the starting value. This is now fixed, and the report plots the values correctly.

Link Search Enhancements
When filtering for links by promotion type, you can now see the number of links available for each type before making a selection.

Easy Access to Featured Advertisers
At the top of the Advertiser Search page, the new “Show All” buttons allow you to quickly search for all advertisers with Today’s Best Payouts and Featured Promos.

Transaction Details Report Upgrade
In Transaction Details reports, we have updated the timestamps to a more readable format.

Enhanced Advertiser Search Options
When searching for advertisers, you can now filter for multiple countries at a time and save multiple countries in your filter preferences.