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Top Offers

We have developed an algorithm to collect the highest-ranking offers from advertisers and categories on the FlexOffers network!

Our marketing staff takes research very seriously, and our purpose is to assist you in planning more efficient and productive marketing campaigns. Knowing the best-performing advertisers, categories, products, and links implies raising marketing standards.

Through our Top Offers tool, we not only filter the best-performing offers for you based on advertisers and categories, but we also provide a comprehensive, thorough performance analysis by link types, such as product links, banner images, and text links.

Our ranking system also considers traffic, conversions, and earnings per click. This tool was designed to provide you with a comprehensive view of the performance of every link from every traffic source you have registered with FlexOffers, as well as the option to compare the performance of your traffic sources to the FlexOffers network.

We hope this helps you better plan your marketing efforts!