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Enhanced Advertiser Search with New Category Feature
Simplify your search for advertisers with our latest update. The Advertiser Search page now displays categories in the search results, making it easier to find relevant programs. Just click on the advertiser you’re interested in to see the category it belongs to.

Various Enhancements
/products/catalogs API Endpoint
There was an error in the /products/catalogs API endpoint with some advertisers not returning data back in the URL field. This issue has been resolved.

Search Advertiser Page in PublisherPro V3
We fixed a bug in the Advertiser search on Publi+H3sherprobeta V3. Previously, when you searched and exported the file with all results, the modal that shows the report in progress of downloading was not appearing. Once the report is downloaded, it will show the request with a processing status. https://publisherprobeta.flexoffers.com/advertisers

Transaction Details Report Enhancement

We have changed the name of the link on the left navigation page from ‘Transaction” to “Transaction Details.” We have also added the search result totals and pagination at the top and bottom of the page. Next, we added a “rows per page” filter to allow you to expand the view of transactions on a single page. And lastly, we have added correct formatting to the search result totals for proper commas and formatting.

Transaction Inquiries Form
Our Transaction Inquiry page needed a more friendly way of submitting your Transaction Inquiries. We previously had a link to a pop-up with the form request to submit an inquiry. We have decided to embed the form to the right on the page to minimize the number of clicks and steps you take to submit an inquiry.