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Content generation is vital to your site’s growth, but it should not slow you down. By signing up as a publisher with FlexOffers, you’ll have the option to automate your affiliate links with Flexlinks. Flexlinks is our affiliate link automation tool, which lets you focus more on content while automating your links with minimal effort.

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As easy as highlighting the code, right-click and copy.


Add code to your site's footer just before the {/body} tag.


Automatically convert existing or newly added direct URLs into affiliate tracking links.

Flexlinks Features

In case your business’s primary focus is content, FlexOffers will provide you with a JavaScript code that can be added to your website’s HTML, which will then automatically convert your links into affiliate tracking URLs. This automated affiliate link solution will save you and your team a tremendous amount of time from having to create deep links manually. Learn more or sign up to get started!


Save time when creating manual deep links with Flexlinks!

Automate your tracking links! Flexlinks is the perfect solution for a content publisher like yourself. Our JavaScript or WordPress Plugin will identify the brands you are linking to and route your user’s clicks via your affiliate tracking links.

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Save Time & Effort With Flexlinks

Allow your team to regain control and focus on content generation.

Regain control of quality content and a faster turn-around with hassle-free linking technology. Do not let manual work delay your content publishing.


Automate your deep links with Flexlinks, and focus more on your revenue growth.

Let your content work for you with minimal effort when linking out to specific products. Engage more with your audience and monetize your traffic faster.

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