Promotional Feeds

One feed to gain access to coupons and promotions from over 10,000+ advertisers

Coupons and promotions are highly engageable offerings capable of aiding you in your quest to convert your traffic at higher rates. With our promotional feed you’ll have thousands of coupons and promotions at your fingertips.

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Seamless Integration

Integrate a single feed and unlock access to coupons and promotions from over 10,000+ advertisers.

Multiple Stores

We aggregate feeds from advertisers across multiple networks into a single feed.

Endless Possibilities

Unlock the potential of new revenue streams using promotional feeds.


Go beyond text links and banners. Integrate promotions contained in our feed with your site and create a better shopping experience for your audience.

Wide Selection

Coupons and promotions are time-sensitive. Through our feeds, you will always have up-to-date data.

Take advantage of the wide selection of coupons and promotions available via our promotional feeds. Coupons and promotions contained in our promotional feed are updated on a daily basis.

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Single Feed

Utilize a single feed to reduce integration time and expedite monetization.

There’s no need to integrate multiple feeds with your system. Our promotional feeds will allow you to perform one integration to get access to thousands of promotional offers and coupons.

Various Delivery Methods

No matter the skill level of your technical support team, our delivery methods are designed to accommodate your specific needs.

Our publisher services provide you with a bevy of delivery systems that permit you to experience our promotional feeds. Whether you’re interested in using our FTP or light and fast integration via our API, both methods are readily available to enhance your connection with your audience.


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