Web Services API

Eliminate manual tasks with our full set of robust APIs

Achieve full integration with our system, whether it’s sales reporting, a coupon, or promotional feed. FlexOffers’ web service API provides you with a content delivery intermediary that facilitates the prospect of increased revenue.

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Your site or platform can be fully integrated with FlexOffers using our web service API.


A full integration with any of FlexOffers' web services will optimize your work, allowing you to focus on what's most important.


To grow at scale you need a more robust integration, automating manual tasks to move more efficiently.

Web Services API Features

Integrating and aggregating multiple APIs from different Networks is time-consuming and no easy task, with the FlexOffers Affiliate API we grant you full access to aggregated data with a unified format for your convenience. A much easier way to get access to Affiliate Promotional Feeds, Affiliate Reporting, and other important information to help you cut down on manual tasks and allow you to optimize more efficiently.


An easy way to optimize your work and focus on revenue growth.

Our affiliate APIs are available to all of our publishers for a single integration. FlexOffers’ web service API facilitates the convenience of getting access to data from multiple networks and allows you to integrate the correct type of API.

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Whether your integration is light or robust, we will be able to support you.

Whether you’re only looking to integrate our promotional feed, product data feed, and affiliate reporting API, we will provide you with enough bandwidth to do a robust integration with your system.

Full Documentation

Easy to follow and understand documentation.

Between our complete API documentation and our tech support, we will provide you with all the necessary help to make an easy integration with our platform. The faster your technical team can perform an integration, the sooner you’ll be up and running and producing revenue.

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